Our Needs

A great many elements are required to sustain a defensive presence in a threatened old growth redwood.
The rock bottom prerequisite is a group or stream of brave individuals willing to use part of their lives to help keep something very old alive a little longer.
Another prerequisite is the equipment (and expertise in its use) to enable a continuous presence at the canopy layer of the tree.

We need with respect to climbing gear:
Climb rated ropes

We need with respect to survival supplies:

Food of the "dry goods" variety

Head lamps

The light weight LED's improve one's safety no end.


The AAA size makes head lamps bright. The various other "consumer" sizes (AA, B, C, D and "9 volt") let us keep other devices functioning.


We are rich in tie points, poor in floor space

Sleeping bags

No cotton please. Rain forest canopies are very damp.


The universal defense against cold. Because of the damp, wool is best.

We need with respect to "other stuff":

We desparately need a bicycle powered computer.

A laptop would be best because of the uncommon environment.
Bicycle power not only eliminates the need for on-going battery re-supply (and disposal), it also provides the people in the tree with a means of meaningful and rewarding exercise.

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Please call Spooner Direct at 707 845-4021 to help

Save Nanning Creek!

Treemail should be sent to Spooner@spoonerdirect.org

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