has lived for probably more than 2000 years.
That is about 60 to 100 human generations.


is part of the very small fraction left
of a unique and once immense rain forest.

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Welcome to Spooner Direct

The Pacific Lumber Company, based in Scotia, CA, started logging in the Nanning Creek watershed in November of 2005 after the approval of the timber harvest plan in September. Local forest activists ascended into the canopy level of this ancient forest in an effort to stop Palco from liquidating these majestic trees. Ravenous chainsaws ripped through dense, old-growth forest for over three months before stopping due to heavy rains. Many creatures lost habitat and home, including the Northern Spotted Owl and the Marbled Murrelet. A small grove of about an acre was and has been occupied to date and thus saved. However this is only a short term solution. The only way to ensure the saftey of this forest is to purchase it from the Pacific Lumber Company and give them the only thing that matters to them, money.
Spooner Direct is a small organization that is attempting to purchase the grove which activists have worked so hard to protect. Please help us in our cause! Please help us save Nanning Creek!


is not a "renewable" resource.

Please help stop the planned destruction
of the Nanning Creek small bit of
this unique environment by Pacific Lumber Company.

Treemail should be sent to Spooner@spoonerdirect.org

Please call Spooner Direct at 707 845-4021 to help

Save Nanning Creek!

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