Living in the Canopy

If you are really passionate about the idea that anything still growing after 2000 years should be left in peace to grow on . . and . . you are also strong, agile, robust and most patient...

Then you might take the position that the simplest and one of the few available ways to prevent further logging is to make sure that someone is always living in the top of the tree.

Some people believe that is the only way to temporarily save the last bits of a unique, and almost extinct, American rain forest environment.

If you are the person living, for a while, 200 feet above the ground there
are advantages!

One of them is the view.


It doesn't much matter which way you look,


you get an entirely new slant on the phrase "breathtaking view."

The picture below might be called "back porch."


When your realtor says
"Open design bedroom with view,"

I suspect
this never enters the realtor's mind.

If it does, perhaps you may wish to consult with a different realtor.


We tend to have lunch in the kitchen.


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