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This map is meant to help you reach your goal. It is not meant to substitute for the menu or the photo gallery.

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The page you see when you first come to our site

Spooner's bottom

Information as to why this site exists

A view of the neighborhood

Spooner Update
News and views from Spooner

The Marbled Murrelet
The endangered sea bird that only nests in trees like Spooner

Marbled Murrelet on the ocean

Living High
A look around from 200 feet up

back porch

Photos from Spooner
our photo gallery

our contact information

Site Map
The top of this page

our web site's soon to come stuff


Yes, the pictures are HUGE.

To better view them, you can drag the white line to the right of the menu.
I drag mine all the way to the left to see the pictures full screen.
When I want the menu back, I drag it open from the left of the screen.

Nope, we dont have video clips yet. We plan to have them for you soon.

Please call Spooner Direct at 707 845-4221 to help

Save Nanning Creek!

Treemail should be sent to

The person for website suggestions, questions and comments is

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