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Spooner Solidarity

Sing out your praises for the old-growth forest
Knowing many creatures will join in the chorus
For these forests so grand are rooted in time
With rhythms of life and an eternal sublime
Towering trees with secrets to share
Providing so much if you know what they bare
Marbled murrelets that nest on its branches
Hide deep within to lessen the chances
That their young may not be eaten by others
So they may once fly with their mothers
Spotted owls come here to seek out the shade
When tempatures start to soar in the glade
Salamanders seek refuge beneath the fallen trees
Structure is essential to provide for their needs

So Sing out your praises for the old-growth forests
Knowing many beings will join in the chorus
Rains are gentler beneath the ancient trees
Slowing erosion and the growing breeze
This forest provides a clear, running stream
As its stability provides us this dream
This forest, indeed, is all inter-connected
Thriving for years we all feel affected
By its beauty and its evolving being
To be one with this forest is certainly freeing
So give it a chance to 'talk' to you
Reach out for a branch for a being like you
For we all share this great Earth
And an ancient forest sure has its worth
So sing out your praises for the old-growth forest
Knowing many beings will join in the chorus....

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R. Ward

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