Spooner's Neighborhood

All 298 feet of Spooner is currently located in the Nanning Creek area near Scotia, California.
Spooner is 14 feet in diameter at breast height.
200 feet up, before the branches, Spooner is only 10 feet in diameter.
Spooner is the largest tree in that grove.

A view of the neighborhood
The Pacific Lumber Company currently owns the land where Spooner has been growing since the time of Jesus and the ancient Romans.
Logging of the grove has already begun.
It has been temporarily postponed because the grove is the nesting ground for a sea bird on the endangered species list, the marbled murrelet.

marbled murrelet
Where, exactly, the endangered birds will nest if the grove is cut after this year's nesting season is an unanswered question.

Please call Spooner Direct at 707 845-4021 to help

Save Nanning Creek!

Treemail should be sent to Spooner@spoonerdirect.org

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